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May 2017
UK &NA Release

An Earl Out of Time: Time Into Time series, Book One

The first of a new series of time-slip mystery romances.

Freelance translator Cassie Lawrence volunteers as a Special Constable in her spare time – but an interest in police work hasn’t prepared her for the consequences of an impulse buy in an antiques shop.

The portrait of a Regency gentleman sends her spinning back through time to land at the feet of the Earl of Radcliffe – who just happens to be fighting for his life in a London alleyway. If Cassie finds life in 1806 confusing, that is nothing to how Lucian feels, confronted by a 21st century woman who challenges everything his honourable upbringing has taught him about how a lady behaves.

And then there’s the mystery he is embroiled in – if someone doesn’t find the missing Arabella Trenton safe and sound soon his best friend, and prime suspect, is in danger of arrest.

Can they find the missing woman before it is too late? And how can Cassie ever get home? Or does she really want to when she is stranded out of time with a man she is fast falling for?


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