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June 2018
UK & NA Release
(not yet available for pre-order)

A Kiss Across Time

Book Two in the Time Into Time series of time-slip mystery romances.

Technical translator and part-time Special Constable Cassie Lawrence finds herself once more back in 1807 with the gorgeous, and seriously tempting, Lucian, Earl of Radcliffe, his brother James and manservant extraordinaire Garrick.

The mysterious deaths – one suicide, one murder – of two of James’s friends from London’s hidden, and persecuted, gay community put James’s life and liberty at risk. Is one person behind whatever drove one man to kill himself and left another dead in his own consulting rooms or are the deaths unconnected? And who is now attempting to kill Lucian, Cassie, Garrick and James? If James isn’t arrested first, that is.

Add in an enigmatic French émigré, espionage in government departments and the sudden arrival of the Dowager Countess and Cassie finds she has quite enough to deal with. And that’s while having a love affair with a man two hundred years older than she is…

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